A Philosophy rooted in the land

A Philosophy rooted in the land

We have always believed that what really makes wines stand out is, and will always be, in the land. Our fundamental task over these last 20 years has been to compile our collection of vineyards. They are the real basis for everything we are and everything that makes us stand out.

True terroir isn’t marked by the boundaries imposed by Designations of Origin, it is a very limited resource. All of us, especially those who have grown up here and lived all our lives in this complex region on the banks of the Duero, know that it isn’t true that anything goes, and that the boundaries drawn on paper do not correspond to those drawn by Nature.
When it comes to thinking about a wine, we need to start at the beginning. First things first.

We are inspired by the idea of imprinting personality on everything we do and making wine with a passion to prove there are still new things to say with the grape varieties we use.

Constructing our idea

Constructing our idea

The way we see the world has allowed us to break through many of the barriers that pigeonhole wines under “parameters” which ignore the importance of using amazing grapes from very small terroirs in an area that has lost all respect for the land.

We continue to work for the freedom to make wine with passion while maintaining a tradition which must never be lost. And we are bold enough to make whatever wines we want, no matter what, seeking the most perfect, ethereal expression in each bottle, with no limits on the potential offered by our terroir.

The grape is a “living thing” that expresses itself. As such, we must approach it with an unbiased, open mind.

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